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On our family friendly atmosphere...

"My husband and I [are so pleased] with our decision to move to Hampton Hall. The club is a real treat. My children want us to make the Easter buffet a new family tradition. I doubt that you made much money on my boys! On another issue, your security is absolutely the nicest bunch anywhere. They have been super with regard to our new motor home and treated our guest and family with warmth and dignity. We are very proud to be a part of this community. Keep up the wonderful job. "

M. & L. Eibling
Paxton Circle

On retiring at Hampton Hall...

"How does one decide where to retire? You do all the research you can, select a community, cross your fingers and move. We hit a grand slam home run when we selected Hampton Hall! After four years here, we could not be happier with our choice! Beginning with the best neighborhood environment, the first-class amenities, activities for any lifestyle, varied dining options for any occasion and professional attentive staff have combined to provide us with a truly amazing life experience.

We take particular interest in the golf. The golf course is very challenging and yet very playable with a variety of distances available for golfers of all abilities. We have always found it to be in pristine condition. The golf staff is top-notch, very welcoming, friendly and professional. They are eager to help and on a mission to make golf more enjoyable for everyone.

The dining experience at HH is much like the golf. We have a wide variety of dining options from burgers in Pete’s Grill to fine dining in the main dining room. We are also regulars at Sunday brunch. All of the food is excellent and the service/staff better than that. Everyone is interactive and friendly and eager to make the dining experience very special."

Bottom line: “We love this place!”

K. & L. Hanaway
Wicklow Drive

On making friends...

"We look at Hampton Hall as more than a home and a community, it is a way of life. The friends that we have cultivated in the seven years of residence are like family. The facilities are the best, from the pristine golf course, the ambiance and food of the community restaurants and the functionality of the fitness center. Other major advantages of Hampton Hall are the professionalism and genuine friendliness of the staff coupled with the area being a destination that family wants to visit. We do not want for things to do and never tire of simply kicking back and observing the natural beauty of the community. Lorraine and I visited many locals before thankfully settling in Hampton Hall."

A. & L. Ricciardi
Sherbrooke Avenue

On retiring near Hilton Head Island...

"Neli and I moved into Hampton Hall June of 2012. We arrived not knowing anyone. The staff of Hampton Hall made our transition from Long Island, New York a pleasant experience. They were all so welcoming and assisted us with the endless questions we had about the development and the locations of the town of Bluffton's central services from the Post Office to the disposal center.

Hampton Hall, we felt, offered us the best living choice in the area because of its dynamic community which is populated with couples and individuals in various stages of their careers. The Hampton Hall lifestyle is one of many activities from it's multifaceted fitness center in addition to the tennis, golf and swimming facilities. The club offers to residents clubs of varied activities and interests and also fine dining options with the special wine and culinary events that dot the club calendar.

Neli and I happen to be in the retirement phase of our lives and we spent vacations during the previous five years looking for what we felt was the perfect community and we kept coming back to Hampton Hall. The location of Hampton Hall between Charleston and Savannah and the proximity to Hilton Head Island makes it the ideal location for people who want the lowcountry lifestyle, and yet need only a short day trip to a major city for a more up-beat adventure. Hampton Hall has it all."

M. & N. Burger
Waybridge Circle

On our golfing community...

"Here are some thoughts about Hampton Hall from a golf nut with only 9 months experience as a HH resident. The HH staff is excellent: friendly and helpful. They know how to make members and guests feel appreciated and welcome. They do a super job all around. The guys who take care of the bags and carts and the range are the same. Excellent at their jobs...and the most important aspect is their hospitality.

Same goes for the wait staff in both restaurants. Excellent. Attentive. Friendly. GREAT FOOD for a country club. The members have also welcomed us with open arms. There are golfers of all skill levels and almost everyone we’ve met and played with has been warm and welcoming…and entertaining to boot.

Wildlife is spectacular. Bluebirds and Cardinals abundant in the same place!!!! I’ve never seen that anywhere and I’ve been in all 50 states. Wild turkeys. Deer. Gators. Herons. Osprey.

[As for golf,] Pete Dye is as big a name in design as you’ll find anywhere. I love his creativity and HH is no exception. Dye gives you lots of signals about where you’re supposed to hit the ball. If you fail to hit it there you have a tough time scoring. I love it. Just let the rough grow up some more and narrow the fairways a bit and the USGA could have a championship here. The other thing about HH is that it’s good for all skill levels. Shorthitters can play it at 4,000 yards if you want to. 7503 yards from the tips is my favorite option but I like the pain of it all and need to have my head examined."

E. Hammond
Farnsleigh Ave